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For people who like making movies


We have a number of competitions annually covering a wide range and variety of subjects creating a friendly atmosphere in a competitive environment which provides all members with chances to win one of the many trophies.

Both the Club and  individuals have achieved awards in both local and international competitions over the years but most members are content to enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Unless stated otherwise the maximum length of any film or video is 20 minutes and competitions are open to both video and cine entries. Anyone submitting a film in a format other than dvd, Blu-ray disk or an MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 file on a USB memory stick must bring their own equipment to play it. (Be aware that memory sticks are not entirely reliable as a source.)  

Our Competitions

Runner-up Competition      

Muriel Gray Trophy

Competition between previous year’s Second

Placed films.

Holiday Competition       

Butwell Trophy

Best holiday film  / travelogue

Video to music or poem competition            

Weston Trophy

Best visual interpretation of piece of recorded music or poem    (max time 6 minutes)

Open Competition 1             

Walwin Trophy

Best film, no specific criteria

Open Competition 2              

Underwood Trophy

as Open Competition 1

Open Competition 2              

Berry Trophy

as Open Competition 1

Documentary Competition     

Cresswell Trophy

Best factually based film

Animation Competition        

Richardson Trophy

Best animation

Impact Competition             

Carwithen Trophy

Best short film having “impact”.

Duration varies : See Programme

Wildlife Competition            

Langwood Trophy

Best wildlife film

Story Competition                

Wager Trophy

Best drama

Other Competitions

IAC Biaff


Go to our INFO page to see Competition and Club Rules