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For people who like making movies

The club was formed in 1962 as Gloucester Cine Club and over the years it has made a major contribution to amateur film and video making in the Gloucester area, providing helpful advice and instruction in every aspect of the hobby.  

In the 1990’s it became Gloucester Cine & Video Club as the new video medium became popular.

In 2010 we had another name change to Gloucester Film Makers to emphasise the point that club members MAKE films (videos/dvds) rather than just watching those made by film and TV companies.

We meet monthly (more or less) at St George’s Church Centre, Court Road, Brockworth, Gloucester.


Meetings take the form of competition nights, lecture nights or workshops where members can practice new video skills and techniques.  

Gloucester Film Makers  is affiliated to The  Institute  of Amateur  Cinematographers

About us

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With our experience in film and video making the Club can offer to arrange talks and film shows with a comprehensive range of recent and archival productions.

Contact us to find out more.

Also, click HERE or on the thumbnail below to take a look at at our film shot in 2007 - the year of the floods.  -



Joining a film unit provides practical experience in script writing, camera work, sound recording and location filming with editing to the final completion stage of the programme.

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