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2021 Runner up competition

The Muriel Gray Trophy

Winner : John Greene

The Art of Caligraphy

Open Competition No. 1

The Walwin Trophy

Winner : Bob Paget

Cathedral of cloth

Impact Competition

Carwithen Trophy

Winner : Chris Wheatley

Know your onions

Wildlife Competition

Langwood Trophy

2022 Winners

Best film about Gloucestershire

Ron Turner Trophy

Holiday / Travelogue competition

The Butwell Trophy                         

Drama Film competition

Wager Trophy

Underwood Trophy

Open Competition No. 2

Underwood Trophy   

Open Animation Competition

RiRichardson Trophy Certificate

Winner : Henryck Jachimczyk

Aircraft 2 - Onboard Safety

Documentary Competition

The Cresswell Trophy

Winner : John Greene

The return of the Tall Ships

Special Subject Competition

Berry Trophy

Winner : John Greene

How to remove a fallen tree

Video to music competition

The Weston Trophy

Winner : John Greene

Signs of Spring